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So you finally decided to get that cute puppy home. For the very first time, you have decided to get your dog home. Well, this could turn out to be an experience of your lifetimes. So just to make sure you have the most pleasant ones, here’s a list of the top 17 mistakes you must avoid.

17. Letting your dog be on his own

Many times when you are going out for a few hours, you might feel it is okay to leave your dog alone. Well, that can turn out to be really destructive.
If you have to, in any case, try getting someone to watch over your dog or drop them to a dog center until you are away. If your dog has never been alone you will have to teach him to be alone through exercises.

16. Being too harsh to your dog

Your dog is a new member who might take time to adapt and might misbehave. Screaming at your new pet will only make it more furious and nervous.
In such cases, instead of being impulsive and making it worse, try using “sit”, “Calm Down” or “No” command to pacify your dog.

15. Little or no research beforehand about the breed

Many first-time dog enthusiasts are thrilled about the idea of owning a dog but no nothing about it. Knowing things like a dog’s exercise requirements, behavior with kids, allergies, etc are important failing which there may be many issues later on.
Please do thorough and proper research beforehand. But just make sure you do not regret later on.

14. Buying it from a pet store and not adopting one

Most people get their dogs from a pet store (where they are made to look perfect) instead of adopting one. Such dogs have poor mental and body conditioning.
As such it is advisable to adopt a dog that may be from dog shelters or streets.

13. Not allowing your dog to socialize

First-time dog owners often make the mistake of keeping their dogs in closed environments. If your dogs don’t socialize they might end up being violent, depressed or territorial.
So take them out for a walk, let them mingle with other animals and people and they will turn out to be better every passing day.

12. Giving them treats for no reason

If you give regular treats to your dog they might forget the real value of a treat. It will be an obstruction to their training process. Frequent treats will only spoil them more.
Having said that treat them when required. Treat them when they do training with you. But make sure you do not overdo it.

11. Allowing them to contradict rules

When you teach your dog something and they disobey do not let that go. If they keep breaking rules it can become a problem later on.
Make sure they follow what is being taught to them come what may. Train them well, teach them again. And when they do follow a rule properly treat them.

10. Ignoring the training of your dog

Your dogs won’t learn everything on their own. Without proper training, your dog might face emotional, health and social issues.
Train them with obedience training. Teach them the essential dog commands. Let them know you are the leader and that they have to listen to you.

9. Leaving your kids alone with your dog

Dogs and kids look like a perfect match. If your kids are left unattended, something they do might make them furious making things go out of hands.
Make sure you are watching over your kids and dogs play. Tell your kids to be calm and behave around your dogs. Train your dogs to be tolerant and happy when your kids are around.

8. Expecting your new puppy to know where to pee or poop

Most dog owners think that the new dog should know where to go in the first couple of weeks. Well, dogs and pups usually take up to six to eight months to get accustomed to that.
As such please stick to the schedule take them to the spot when they need to go and they will eventually do it alone.

7. Thinking all dogs are the same

That’s a common mistake most dog owners do. Each dog is different with different tendencies and habits and they will have their own unique issues.
As such being open-minded about it and adjusting your dog’s training as per their needs is required.

6. Avoiding training sessions thinking they are too young

You might be tempted to skip your cute pup’s training session thinking that they are too young. But in reality, the sooner you start, the better it is.
Giving small sessions to young ones is important. Let the training sessions be short but do train them.

5. Forcing the dog to do something

Many times you might want to let your dog do something he is reluctant or scared to do. Forcing them will aggravate their anger.
Do not force your dog to do something they don’t want. Recognize and act to their fears.

4. Believing they will stop misbehaving themselves

Many think the dogs will stop misbehaving with time. Well, that won’t happen.
Confront them and train them to behave. That’s the only way out.

3. Avoiding and skipping exercise

Many homeowners forget that dogs are full of energy which is to be tamed and channelized in activities. Not exercising your dogs can lead to many health issues as well.
You need to make sure you keep your dogs engaged physically by playing games with them in your lawns, or community parks.

2. Going by the first impression of the dogs

Often homeowners bring a dog that looks good at the shop or in the dog shelter. But their behaviors will change with time.
Know about your dog’s breed and behaviors and only then decide if you wish to go ahead with it.

1. Being quick in making the decision

Many new timers are in a hurry to buy a dog without weighing the pros and cons. And that’s a huge mistake.
Ensure you have a proper space for your dog, availability of people to take care of them and other things for maintenance and upkeep.


So, while keeping a dog may not be as easy as it looks, avoiding these common mistakes will help you go a long way with your new dog. Try these tips and let these endearing creatures amaze you.

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