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    Important secret signs to understand your relationship with your dog.

Dogs are the most benign creation. It is very easy to make them your best friend. All you need to treat them better. Spare your time for them. Regular give your puppy treats by providing them special dog food. Behave them in a gentle way. Don’t shout at them. When they make any mistake, ignore that and try to make them understand in a friendly manner.
When you care about your beautiful dogs, they become man’s best friend. Happy dogs are very loyal to their owners. So the happy dogs can even die for their owners. You love your puppy a lot. However, do you know your puppy loves you or not? This article describes 10 incredible ways that show your dog’s love for you!

10. Happy dogs stare directly into your eyes

It might appear something strange for new owners. But the fact says that is a look of love. When you and your puppy gaze at one another, your bodies make a chemical known as oxytocin. This chemical develops a strong bond between you. Brain Hare mentions this in the “The Genius of Dogs”.

Mother and her babies love each other. It is because of oxytocin. Hare says you can have very good feelings by just staring into each other’s eyes. Likewise, the puppy also adopts this process somehow.

9. Puppy wags his tail to the right

There are a lot of reasons behind wagging tails. Although all reasons are not positive at all. An Italian neuroscientist and two veterinarians examined the tail wag angles of dogs. They make an angle when they look at their owners, other dogs, strangers, and cats. When happy dogs look at their owners, they wag their tails to the right side. Otherwise, they wag their tail to the left side. So look at your doggy, if wag is to the right, your puppy loves you!

8. Happy dogs lift their eyebrows when they see you

Japanese researchers noticed the faces of dogs when they saw a stranger and owners. So when dogs saw their owners, they raised their eyebrows. Otherwise, they lift their ears for strangers. Ear lifting is a sign of doggy caution. Puppy raise their eyebrows to make better eye contact with you. It is very helpful for oxytocin development. While dog training or dog care, you should make eye contact with your puppy as much as possible.

7. Puppy yawns when you yawn

When you see another person yawning, you yawn too as well. It is a symptom of empathy. You can consider it a contagious yawn. Most of the people do this. Different researchers and dog behaviorists have shown that dogs also do it. Almost 70% of dogs yawn when they watched their owner yawning. This shows the emotional attachment between you and your puppy. Dogs can feel when you are happy or bored. So they support you in this situation. Therefore, dogs fall in the list of emotional support animals.

6. Your puppy wants to sleep in your bed

Dogs are pack animals. They have gained this habit from their ancestors i.e. wolves. Wolves love to sleep in a lupine posse. So your puppy also has the same nature. So allow him to sleep with you or at least in your room. Gregory Berns writes that how dogs love you and want to sleep with you. Give them your pillow or let them sleep in your bedroom.

5. Your dog brings you a toy

Do you provide dog toys to your pet dog? If yes, you have noticed that the puppy brings toys quite often to you. Right? It is a sign of affection. This shows that your dogs want to play with you. They do so to please you. Sometimes, they bring a dead animal to please their boss. According to some experts, it is a throwback to their wolf ancestors. So they do so to show their loyalty. So they express their love and loyalty by bringing a toy or dead animal.

4. Your dog greets after your arrival at home

When you come home and your pets at home start dancing and jumping. What does it mean? There is no need to confirm it from science. It is a way of celebration of your dogs. Instead of the advantages of dogs, how beautiful it is that my dog welcomes me!

Dogs celebrate your arrival. Their beloved human who is the mastermind of puppy training for them. So don’t let them wait too much. Come home and let them yips, right-tails wags and raised an eyebrow.

3. Puppy nudges you to get you to pet him

Different studies show that dogs also have “hug hormone” besides oxytocin when we pet them. Oxytocin is a remarkable chemical that makes a strong connection between both of you. So the nudge says that let’s have a bond. The hug hormone has higher shots when women get dogs as pet animals than men. So there are high chances that dogs may be best friends of women. Sorry guys!

2. Like to cuddles with you after dinner

Gregory Berns explains different dogs’ behavior in his book named “How Dogs Love Us”. He says if dog cuddles with you after eating. It shows that you are the most important thing for him besides eating in this world. Furthermore, food is the most important thing for dogs as we all know. Dogs home must have a good amount of food always! So dog cuddling is a symptom of deep attachment.

1. Your dog licks you

Licking is the most common behavior of dogs. They lick their puppies, owner, and even different material things. But why they do so? There are different reasons for it. Mother dogs lick their beloved puppies for grooming. In fact, it is an obvious sign of their love and affection. Moreover, licking their puppies please them a lot. They lick their owners too. Likewise, they lick their owners to show their liking and affection.

your puppy does so because of endorphins. It is a chemical that makes them happy and calm. Maybe your dog is licking because he found something edible on your face. For instance, you eat a burger and left some ketchup on your cheek! Happy dogs lick it due to whatever reasons, it is their way of affection!